The 2nd part of Steven Wilson’s long interview with has been posted online, and I’ve included some extracts from it below. The interview was conducted last week, and Steven has confirmed that he has no current plans for Porcupine Tree, which means that we may have to wait even longer for the band’s eleventh album. At least we’ll still have Storm Corrosion to look forward to in April, and the continuation of Steven’s solo tour, the dates for which should be announced very soon.

Steven, talking about Porcupine Tree, the band has been dormant since the Royal Albert Hall show last year. What are your future plans with the band looking into next year?
Well, I have none to be honest. That is not to say that we will not get together at some point and do something but at the moment we are all doing our own things. I am having a great time doing what I am doing. I also have a record coming out next year with my friend Mikael (Åkerfeldt) from Opeth, the Storm Corrosion record. They are doing other things as well. We will get back together and we will make another record, I am fairly sure of that. At the moment, however, there really are no particular plans for Porcupine Tree – Steven Wilson

I was actually going to ask about Storm Corrosion next. What can you tell us about the forthcoming collaboration between you and Mikael?
Yes the album is coming out in April. If you had asked me what I could say about it six months ago I would have told you to expect the unexpected but…well, I think now that both “Grace for Drowning” and the new Opeth record, “Heritage”, have come out…I think you get more of a sense of where we are both at. In a way, you can think of Storm Corrosion as the third part of a trilogy of records. It has a lot of the same musical qualities except that I think it is even more melancholic, orchestral and twisted, in a way. It is a very dark record. There are hardly any drums on it. We have tried to use different musical forces, like woodwind instrumentation for example. There are lots of percussion parts rather than drum parts. It is not an easy listen. It is really dark and twisted. I am very curious as to what people will think about it. I suppose perhaps the best comparative points would be some of the darker moments on, well, both “Grace for Drowning” and “Heritage”. 

I noticed that you recently did a show with No-Man after a while of inactivity with that project. I was just wondering if you and Tim (Bowness, Steven’s collaborator in No-Man) have thought about doing another No-Man record at all.
Again, there are not really any plans. Tim and I get together at very irregular intervals to make records…I think it seems to be something like every five years or so. I guess that maybe in a couple of years we will actually be due for the next one! There are no plans but what I will say is that none of my musical projects are finished or over. For me it is nice to say that I have a number of creative outlets and collaborations that I can go back to at any time if I feel the muse is in that place. I have no plans to make records with any of these projects at the moment. That goes for No-Man, Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, etcetera. That is not to say that it will not happen though, not at all. 

The interview on has been divided up into two parts, due to it’s length. Use the links below to read the full interview! – Part 1 – Part 2