Steven Wilson’s second solo album, ‘Grace for Drowning’, released on September 26th 2011, received critical acclaim across the board from many professional music critics. Below, I’ve included highlights from some of those reviews. Let’s start off with Sputnik Music, who posted a very positive 4.5/5 review for the record:

Next up, listed Grace for Drowning as their number one progressive rock album of the year, and they also posted a positive 8/10 review back in October. I’ve included an extract below:

Grace for Drowning also managed to gain some mainstream attention, with it managing to chart at number 34 in the week of it’s release in the UK. posted a short but positive 4-star review in November. I’ve posted an extract below:, who have always been very positive towards Steven Wilson’s work in the past, posted a highly positive review of ‘Grace for Drowning’ just before the album’s release in September.’s reviewer Ben Bland did a fantastic job with the last paragraph of the review, which I’ve posted below:

I’ve saved the best for last. Alternative Matter posted an incredibly positive review – I’ve posted the summary paragraph below.

We here at would also like to thank the Steven Wilson Street Team for their Grace for Drowning user reviews promotion campaign.