Alternative rockers Amplifier are this month’s Featured Artist! They are comprised of Sel Balamir, Neil Mahony and Matt Brobin, and their sound can only be described as extremely varied. The band has experimented with several different genres, compiled on top of an alternative rock sound base. Space rock, new prog and psyhedelic influences, it’s all here. They released their latest studio effort ‘The Octopus’ last year, and it’s a double album at just over 2 hours in length! Below, I’ve included the music video for ‘The Wave’ taken from ‘The Octopus’, along with a photo gallery. You can find out more about the band over on their official website, here. I think that fans of progressive metal bands Tool and Dream Theater plus fans who prefer Porcupine Tree’s more recent metal inspired sound will find a lot to like about Amplifier.