Steven Wilson has released two new songs, which are available to stream through his official iOS app, released today by Swarm Intelligence. The first of which is ‘Cut Ribbon’ a song which was originally written during the ‘In Absentia’ sessions, for Storm Corrosion (a project which is finally coming to light in April next year). The track appeared in demo form a while ago on the Internet, but it has never been commercially released, until now. Steven gave a short description of the track’s current version, on the app itself:

One important audio exclusive included with this first version of the app is the song Cut Ribbon. This was originally written for a planned metal collaboration with Mikael from Opeth about 10 years ago, then later re-recorded for both ‘Insurgentes’ and more recently ‘Grace for Drowning’. Each time I couldn’t really make it fit in with the style of those records, so here it finally finds a home, in it’s most recent 2010 mixed form. I’m just about to go on tour with the solo material for the first time, so I hope to add some live clips soon! Enjoy! – Steven Wilson

Below, I’ve provided some more screenshots of the app, from the iTunes download page, which you can find here.