Update – 03/01/12 – Aviv Geffen tweeted about the album’s release date yesterday, which has obviously forced SW to clarify the situation, as he did on Facebook (extract below). Aviv stated on Twitter that the album is currently set for release in May 2012. 

Steven Wilson has posted some very interesting information over on his Facebook page. He’s stated that Aviv Geffen will now have sole curatorship over the Blackfield project, instead of them both sharing the role. He’s also cited ‘news elsewhere’ about Aviv Geffen and a new Blackfield record for this year, but I can’t seem to find the source of it anywhere on the Internet (it was perhaps a magazine story?). Steven definitely seems to be pushing his solo career to the forefront of his current activities at the moment. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in regard to this new ‘Blackfield’ album, but it seems to be more of an Aviv Geffen solo record as far as Steven Wilson’s involvement goes.

Folks, just to clarify news elsewhere of a new Blackfield album coming this year – please note that this time my involvement will be as a contributor rather than a member. I will still be mixing the album, and maybe sing on a couple of Aviv’s songs (there will be other guest singers I understand), but with my complete blessing Blackfield is now under his sole curatorship, a process which really began with Welcome to My DNA – SW