Colin Edwin has just announced a new collaboration project titled ‘Metallic Taste of Blood’ over on his blog. There is already an official website for the collaboration, where you can sign up to an email mailing list, which will inform you of any future news related to the project. Colin Edwin provided some more specific information about ‘Metallic Taste of Blood’ on his blog, and I’ve included an extract from it below.

I am pleased to say that first fruits of a new collaboration under the name Metallic Taste of Blood, is nearing completion. Mixing is well underway and, although things may of course change, the plan is that our album will be released in early 2012 on Rarenoise records. Inevitably, we will be asked to describe our music…..but, I never really enjoy describing something I am so very involved in, so I will save that for another day….

You can read more about the project and it’s band members over on Colin Edwin’s blog, here. I’ve included a promotional image below.