Steven Wilson / Mariusz Duda – ‘The Old Peace’ In Memory of Alec Wildey


Steven Wilson has teamed up with Riverside’s Mariusz Duda to record a song in memory of Alec Wildey, a young fan who tragically passed away in August at the age of 26 due to liver cancer. You can buy ‘The Old Peace’ from Burning Shed on MP3 and FLAC, proceeds will be split 50/50 between the medical centre that cared for Alec during his final months and cancer support charity groups.


“Myself and my friend Mariusz Duda from Lunatic Soul / Riverside have teamed up to record a song together, and for a very special reason.

Alec Wildey was a young fan who for several years had been passionate about our music, actively helping out with promotion as a leading member of the PT and SW street teams from the tender age of 17, and setting up a street team for Mariusz in 2010. Some of you will almost certainly have met Alec, as he attended many of our concerts. If you did you will have found him to be a sensitive, extremely intelligent and articulate young man. He was a devoted and enthusiastic music listener and movie watcher, as well as a self-published poet, with a very bright future ahead of him.

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve 2013 Alec learned he had a cancer of the lymphatic system, followed shortly afterwards by an additional diagnosis of liver cancer. He began a course of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but alas to no avail. At the end of July when he understood he had only a short time left, he emailed me to ask if it was possible that his two favourite musicians could set one of his poems to music, a long held dream of his. I immediately agreed but told him I would make a deal with him – I would make it happen if he could hang on long enough to hear it. We even discussed the possibility of him playing drums on the song himself. Unfortunately he passed away only a few weeks later on 25th August at the age of just 26, and so the idea to record the song has now become about honouring Alec’s memory and all too short life, as well as a form of tribute to him and his family. One of Alec’s poems The Old Peace has been beautifully set to music by Mariusz and sung and performed by both of us. It is now available to download from Burning Shed for a modest sum in both high resolution FLAC and mp3, with 50% of the proceeds going to the medical centre that cared for Alec during his final months, and 50% going to other cancer support group charities. We would be happy if as many people as possible paid for the official download (so please don’t share it or upload it to any other sites) in order to raise as much as we can to help others that find themselves in the same awful situation. The song will be available to download until the end of January, after which all the proceeds will be paid over to the cancer support groups” – Steven Wilson, 30th October 2014

Click here to buy ‘The Old Peace’

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Steven Wilson posts video footage from AIR Studios recording sessions!

Here we are folks, the moment we’ve been waiting for! Steven Wilson has just posted to his YouTube channel video footage from the recording sessions for his forthcoming album! The footage was filmed by Lasse Hoile at AIR Studios, where last month Steven and the band recorded the eagerly awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘The Raven That Refused To Sing (and other stories)’.

The video also for the first time gives us a glimpse of what the album sounds like – Steven describes the album as a culmination of his entire musical repertoire. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


New Steven Wilson classic album remixes – Tears For Fears and Jethro Tull

Steven Wilson has definitely been keeping busy! He’s just announced two more classic album remixes, both due for release in November.

Following the announcement of the next Yes (official) and XTC remixed reissues, 2 more of my classic album remixes have been confirmed for release in November (a pretty expensive time if you like all these albums!)

My remix of Tears for Fears’ iconic 80’s album “Songs From the Big Chair” is included on a 30th anniversary reissue, to be released by Universal Music Group on 4th November.

Songs from the Big Chair was one of the biggest albums of the 80’s, and particularly successful in the USA where it reached number one in the Billboard chart on its way to selling several million copies. It features two US number one singles, Shout and Everybody Wants to Rule the World, as well as 2 more hit singles Head Over Heels and Mother’s Talk.

It’s a brilliant record by a truly innovative 80’s band – both accessible and ambitious. The reissue will be available in several different formats including a stand-alone Blu-Ray and a comprehensive 6 disc deluxe edition with live tracks, singles, B-sides, TV/radio appearances, remixes, videos, and the original mix.

There will also be a vinyl edition of my new stereo mix. The new stereo and 5.1 mixes were overseen and approved by Roland Orzabal (and are included as flat transfers with no mastering). More details and track listing are available on SuperDeluxeEdition:


Released on 24th November is a deluxe 2CD/2DVD edition of the 1974 Jethro Tull album “War Child”. Originally planned as a large scale film and album project, Tull recorded over 20 songs for the project as well as several orchestral pieces intended for the film soundtrack. Eventually the film project was shelved and the resulting album featured a relatively modest 10 tracks.

But now “War Child – The 40th Anniversary Theatre Edition” brings together all of the music recorded during the period. A total of 25 tracks have been remixed into stereo and 5.1 surround sound, including 4 of the orchestral pieces. The original 1974 mix is represented by a flat transfer of the album, 6 further orchestral tracks, and a quadrophonic mix of the album.

Full track listing and pre-order info at Burning Shed:

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Colin Edwin joins avant metal band Obake

Porcupine Tree’s Colin Edwin has teamed up with his Metallic Taste of Blood colleagues Eraldo Bernocchi and Balazs Pandi with Italian vocalist Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari in the avant metal band Obake. The band are releasing their second studio album ‘Mutations‘, out in October on Rare Noise Records. Colin contributed bass to the majority of the tracks on the album, making a lot of use of his down tuned Spector Euro 435LX, aided and abetted by various EBS distortion FX.

Colin will be touring with Obake in December, the dates and ticket links for which you can find here. You can listen to a stream of ‘M’ taken from Obake’s ‘Mutations’ below.

1610817_767607499972516_804875678869753779_n Featured Artist – Rian Adkinson

The Featured Artist returns yet again! This is the feature where we, the editorial team, inform you of new up and coming artists that would appeal to fans of Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson and progressive music in general – i.e. you! You can read the previous featured artist articles here.


Rian Adkinson is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia and he describes his music as a cross between Coldplay, Steven Wilson, Neil Finn and Radiohead. He recently released his debut album, titled ‘Villain’. The album contains his previously released singles ‘Angel In The Watermark’ and ‘I’ll Be The Lightning’ plus six brand new songs.

“This album is the sonic representation of me, my faults, my fears, the darkness, the light. These songs are not just songs, they represent two years of my life. It’s honest, its real, it’s Villain” – Rian Adkinson

Adkinson released ‘Villain’ for streaming only through his website on 22nd September. You can listen to the entire album via SoundCloud below.

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